Latitude Perfect is a pioneer company in the field of consulting, offering a complete set of innovative and comprehensive solutions to support the export to Brazil.

Latitude has perfect, (it operates in a global way) with a team in Portugal and another team in Brazil, thus forming a work platform complete.

“Our big goal is to help companies producing portuguese, in the form of partnership, promoting their inclusion in the huge brazilian market”.

“But for us to be all successful we must begin at the beginning.” this principle is replaced by information and collaboration in the drafting of the Technical File of legalization and by contact with the markets.

1 – Preparation of documentation to begin the process of authorisation for export.

2 – Technical Support at the level of the records, filling out forms necessary depending on the family of products.

3 – Monitoring the whole process directly in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The customer may make the follow up of their process on our site and may display “on time” the phases and time limits of the same.

4 – Support of Marketing and Publicity with regard to the image for internationalization of the company through our partner Luminosideia – Studio Graph, with vast experience in the market, websites, catalogs, Roll up, are some essential tools for the internationalization of a company.

5 – The Latitude Perfect with this added value (a team working in Brazil) may at any time carry out a search of the market for their products and due to the different knowledge and partnerships in the different areas, provides an important aid in relations between the company and the importer indicated.


1. Consulting Comercial
2. Consulting Marketing / Publicity
3. Marketing for Fairs and Events
4. Preparation for records in M.A.P.A.


1. Consulting Comercial
2. Consulting Marketing
3. Records and Accreditation MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply)

    • DIPOA
    • DIPOV
    • ANVISA

4. Report Commercial / Strategic
5. Commercial Representation
6. Market research and importers
7. Technical Support
8. Events and International Trade Fairs